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European Clubs v/s Spanish & Italian Clubs

March 27, 2006 17 comments

Hi ppl,

Am back again. This time am gonna talk abt this topic which has been haunting me for a long time. Everytime i try to forget it, some unfortunate events happen and the thoughts are back to haunt me.

What are these events? Most you might be thinking by now.

Let me get to the point and make things clear

The fact is that i have a soft corner for the EPL (English Premier League)
Everytime i watch an UEFA Championship/ UEFA Cup match and i see an EPL team perform poorly, i get really sad.

What is their problem?
Why can’t the EPL teams out perform the Spanish/Italian League teams?

I was really happy last year when an EPL team (Liverpool) won the UEFA Champions League.
Coz most of the time they(EPL teams) get knocked out in the Group of 16/Quarter’s/Semi’s
only a few make it to the finals, but hardly a few of them win.

The level of their game is poor when compared to those of their counterparts.
They don’t have the fire in them when they are playing in the field.

Spanish/Italian league matches are so competitive.
They put in their heart n soul, they dive, they push, they commit fouls, they take cards (not the Archie ones) ,etc…..
But in EPL they play a clean match, they rarely commit fouls expect for some.

Will they ever rise the level of their game & match that of their competitors?

I hope someday they will leave their professionalism and get to playing real hardcore football, but i guess that the charm of EPL – professionalism

Neways i’ll keep cheering for the EPL teams especially “CHELSEA”, until i have more strong reasons to stop cheering for them

Hail EPL!!!

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Why the name Futsal-Maina?

March 18, 2006 5 comments

Hello ppl,

This is d first ever blog that i am writing.
So please feel free to point out my mistakes if any…..

Now tht the formality is over, lets get to business.

Why did he select this name for his blog?
What does this blog mean?
Does it even mean nething?

Am sure these were some of the questions that some of you might have had in ur mind when you saw this URL/Link, rite

To start i’ll tell you something abt me.
There are only three things that i love in my life

  1. Football/Soccer
  2. Rock (not the Rock Stones but Rock Music 🙂 )
  3. Friends n Family

As most of you might have guessed it by now.
This blog is a tribute to my FIRST love that is football.

For starters:
What does FUTSAL mean?
Futsal is the indoor version of association football (soccer) that is officially sanctioned by football’s international governing body, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), as well as the Asociacion Mundial de Futsal (AMF). Its name is derived from the Portuguese phrase futebol de salão, meaning football (soccer) for (playing in) a large room.

Now if you all think that this blog will contain Blog’s only about Football, then you are wrong.
This will contain all the possible things that a normal blog has……

yet another blogger

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