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The Inside Story…..

May 3, 2006 30 comments

The Story known so far…

As Mr.Ziom had mentioned that there was a man called Elango the Tribal leader from the jungles of the Amazon and he was watching us from a distance.

After we had finished filming our Documentary and were packing n were all set to leave, Elango came out frm his hiding place and started speaking to us in a language which only I could fathom.

For the full story refer to the comments on earlier post Comments on Discovery (must read comments from Ziom)

The Untold Story……

Elango was very friendly in nature and he soon became very good friend of Kurt(tht’s me).He soon started telling him abt his Tribe n also abt the Amazon. From his story i came to know that he has been a Tribal leader for the past 15 yrs and

Let me describe to you how Elango looks like…

He was not like the regular Tribals we watch on Discovery Channel.
At First look, we thought tht he was a Filmstar or a Popstar or a R&B Singer
He was tall, dark and had an athletic build.
There was a big difference between him n the other tribals.
He usually wore Versace tee, Wrangler jeans, with a Rolex watch, his shoes were from Nike, he also sported sunglasses from Police. He used an Adidas Cap to protect himself from the sun(he was very conscious about his complexion). A few gold chains on his neck reminded me of our very own Bappi Da.

We got confused if there was a shoot (film shooting) going on near by, but as he introduced himself to us we came know how he got all his riches from. He said he had imposed tax on the Channels (especially Environmental Channels) for shooting in ‘the Amazon’. He said his annual turn over was above 2 Billions(are I.T. ppl listening…)

He was about 2 tax us but I explained to him tht I was a poor PhD student and this expedition was for my thesis and not for commercial purpose.

He also had magical powers with him. He claimed that these powers were given to him by the Tribal Deity……
Kurt was still not sure whether to believe this or not so he asked Elango to prove his magical powers.
Elango was really happy and agreed to do so willingly.
He thought for a while on how to prove it to me and then….

He walked over to Moi-Sne-Menor (We were in the process of think of a suitable name then) and started chanting something like……

Maaaaaaalik o Maaaaaaalik…
Ek Idliiiii Vadddda Sambharrrrrrrrrrr………..
Ooooooooonion Uttttttpa,
Sadddddddda dooosaaaaaaaaa, reeevaaaaaaa dooosaaaaaaaaa, cheeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeee massssssalllla dooosaaaaaaaaa…

Chatttttttni, sammbharrrr, more chatniiiiii, more chatniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……….

Hearing the chants Mr.Moiz turned and started running towards me along with Dr.Snehal.
Soon the chants where over and Elango looked at me with a sheepish smile.

By now Mr.Moiz & Dr.Snehal were standing behind me n we all were dumbstruck as to wht had happened.

Soon we heard a faint voice…..


(To be contd…)

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