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The End…..

June 21, 2006 7 comments

We turned a round n saw……….

A young & HOT chick standing at the place were laid Moi-Sne-Menor (yes my frenz HOOOOOTTTT!!!!).

We were confused & we looked @ each other, hoping someone would be able to answer our queries.
She really looked calm as a cucumber(Oye, thank you, Siddhuji). She was busy doing some exercise. She got a bit conscious with all the eyes on her.

I walked up to her n asked, “Who are you?”
She shot back saying “You know me”, with a big smile on her face.
I got really confused, coz I had never seen her before.
I asked her again “Do we know each other?”
She said “Yeah”, with a smile on her face.
I was getting irritated; I knew she was playing with me.
This time I spoke harshly “Am sorry, am not in a mood to play riddles, so please introduce yourself again.”
She took the hint from my voice & said “Am the same creature whom u were capturing in your camera.”

I was stunned.

I uttered to myself “So, Elango n Kuppu were successful with their magic”.
“I don’t think so.” she interrupted.
“Why do you think so?” I enquired.
She held my hand n took me into a corner & …………….………………………………….. (don’t get any ideas ppl, this story doest have an ‘A’ certificate, let me continue with the narration)

She said in a serious voice:
“Coz am an Ecchadari Girl, I can take any form, I was just resting here n decided to take n new form 2day, but accidentally you ppl caught sight of me. I usually come here to have some rest & go unnoticed by the tribals. I had to come out into to my real form coz I cannot stay in a particular form for a longtime.”

I was shocked; I couldn’t believe my ears, coz I had seen all this only in Mithun Da movies & X-men series(you can compare her to Mystique, I hope you guys(Ziom & Snehal) remember how Mystique ditched us).
She spoke louder so that everybody could hear “Now that you ppl found me, I’ll name the creature after your names. I’ll name the creature Moi-Sne-Menor
Saying this she waked away from us. All the people started waving @ her, along with Elango n Kuppu who were now conscious. She turned around n waved us back.

I had written down everything by then. I looked up n waved her back. She smiled back @ me & then vanished. She had requested me not to reveal her true story until, it’s was very important.

I hope I have answered all your questions, as to why the creature was named Moi-Sne-Menor. I would like to thank Dr.Snehal & Mr.Ziom for their support & all the viewers of futsal-mania for the continued interest.
Last but not the least I’ll like to thank Elango & Kuppu.

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Deep Inside the Story…….

June 8, 2006 44 comments

(P.S.: This post was created so tht i can end the story & start with my FOOTBALL posts. I personally don’t like this post. This time around this post has not been reviewed by any of my friends, so kindly forgive me if there are any grammatical or spelling mistakes(Note: I have purposely misspelled a particular word).Please read @ your own risk)

Soon we heard a faint voice…..

We all started looking at each other & then started searching in all directions for the source of the Unknown Voice.The voice sounded very familiar,i had heard that voice many times before, but couldn’t relate to it at that point of time.Everyone looked curious after they heard the voice. Elango looked very irritated; coz he had lost his concentration and was supposed to start again.

Elango soon started with his chants.

Just then the blue sky got covered with dark clouds and in a matter of seconds it started raining, we all ran for cover coz we didn’t want to lose our valuable stuffs(Cameras,papers,etc). Elango’s magic was working we all thought, but Elango looked more dejected than joyous.

I wondered “what the fcuk was going on?”

We heard the same voice again. This time the voice was deafening, it sounded as if (not AsIf) Lightening had struck somewhere close. We all looked in unison towards the source of the voice. It was Moi-Sne-Menor we all hoped, but the voice came from the opposite direction.
We all turned back. To see the source of the voice …….

It was a white man dressed like a tribal. He was walking towards us. We all went Bonkers looking at him & wondered what the hell is wrong with that guy. By this time I had broken the “Code”, I mean I could relate to the sound. It was the sound of FART.

The White Tribesman was farting like an AK47 gun. Non-stop.
Looking at him and hearing him FART, Elango lost his control and started yelling at him.
It was Kuppu, Elango’s younger brother. (Twist in the tale).
Unlike Elango, Kuppu was short, fat & fair (yes fair, he was a big fan of Michael Jackson (M.J.) & had gone thru a plastic surgery to be like ICON)

Elango had lost his temper by now and he shouted at the top of his voice:-
Abbey Kuppu Choddna bandh kar”. (Stop farting Kuppu)
“Iddhar aa aur meri madat kar”. (Come here & help me out)

Hearing Elango yell @ the top of his voice, Kuppu stopped farting (don’t ask me how; I don’t want to get into the details.)

With Kuppu beside him Elango appeared more confident this time around. Before starting they advised us to keep quiet, coz the magic would affect the person who breaks their concentration & it could be really dangerous, unless you know tricks to transfer it into good luck. As they were about to finish their “Pooja” (ritual), someone from the tribesmen sneezed & instinctively Dr.Snehal said “God Bless You”, after he realized what he had done, he got a bit scared & started sweating like a “timus” (pigs are called timus in the Amazon) and he said something which was instantaneous just to show that he was fearless (any guesses on what he said…)

Kuch bhi, iissa nahi hota hai”.

Just after that he got transformed into a handsome guy (you can check his orkut friends list & scraps to get more details). He had said the Magic words “Kuch bhi” which saved him from his misery.

Meanwhile Elango & Kuppu fell down coz they were completely exhausted. They had put in their complete energy n effort to make Moi-Sne-Menor speak, but thanks to Dr.Snehal who screwed up their efforts. Good for him. (Btw when reports last came in Dr.Snehal had close to 100 friends’ n more than 200 scraps in just 15 days, unbelievable isn’t it)

We ran n picked Elango n Kuppu with the help of some tribesmen. While we were taking them to their tents, we saw a Bright Light coming from behind us.

We turned around n saw……….

(To be contd.)

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