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I-Rock XXI review…

August 29, 2006 10 comments

Hi All,

Lets analyse this years performance

25th August
Brute Force – Missed it,
Split – Missed it,
Evergreen – Missed it,
Faith – Missed it,
IIIrd Sovereign – Missed it,
Nemesis – Missed it,
Pentagram – Sucked (actually they played ok, but i have a small grudge against them, after wht they did last year)

I missed the major part thanks to a friend of mine, who was stuck up in some work, so we started late, then later we were stuck in (you know wht…) MUMBAI TRAFFIC….
And i heard that all the bands that i missed played some Rocking Music…
The only good part about the whole night was, i got to see some good chicks…, did some Bowling @ FUN REPUBLIC….& spent some good time with friends…

26th August
Demonic Resurrection – Missed it,
Sceptre – Missed it,
Them Clones – Rocked (I really admire the way they play),
‘Dinosaurs Of Rock’ – Good (They played only Cover Versions, so the whole crowd was signing along with them. Am sure most of the hardcore rockers would have not liked them. In the start i hesitated a bit, but later went along with the flow & started signing, coz i was there to njoi.)

I personally feel that I-Rock is loosing its charm, just coz there are so many rock-shows in the city these days. Earlier i used to eagerly wait for the month of August, coz thats the time when I-Rock used to rock Mumbai. But now-a-days i dont feel the same excitement, maybe i have grown old for rock or maybe i got many other options…


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I-Rock XXI

August 25, 2006 5 comments

Wht is I-Rock XXI???
Independence Rock better know as I-Rock is scheduled to happen in Mumbai on the 25th & 26th of August.

The Line UP for the two days looks like this…

25th August
Brute Force,
IIIrd Sovereign,

26th August
Demonic Resurrection,
Them Clones,
‘Dinosaurs Of Rock’


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Shevchenko Scores….

August 23, 2006 5 comments

I think this is the hotest news. Coz am writing this post along with the match.

The match is played between Middlesbrough & (offcourse) Chelsea….

Chelsea is playing with a new line-up, with lots of new faces in the squad.
@ half-time Chelsea is leading with a 1-0 score line. And this goal was scored by none other than their latest purchase. “The Ukraine Captian – Andriy Shevchenko”.
The goal was not a masterpiece but none the less a goal is a gaol.
On the other hand the other forward “The Ivory Coast Captain – Drojba” is as usual royally screwing up the whole game.

Now the Second half has started…..
Lets wait n watch if Chelsea will win or lose this match from here….

Will write a new post on the entire match later.


P.S. The tense used in the post is present tense & while u read it, it would be past tense. So kindly manage.

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ne hub on???

August 18, 2006 8 comments

Hi to all my blogger/ non-blogger frenz,

This is a small story about how i hit a jackpot….

Lights, Camera, Pepsodent 🙂 :-

I had brought a brand new P.C. a few weeks back & it has a huge & spacious hard-disk, to be very precise its 160 gb. So now i was on a mission to fill the hard-disk to the max & i knew it was a hard job. I started mailing ppl who were in my locality to share some movies & songs with me. One of my freind readily agreed to it.

We decided to come online @ the sametime so that i could explain the steps to her. But she came with a new idea, she asked me, “Do you have ‘IP Msgr‘ installed on my machine?”. I couldn’t believe my ears, she was talking about the same messenger which is the back-bone of many in my office & i was one of its slave when i had joined my firm 🙂 (those were the days). Luckily i had the installer for IP Messenger with me, i quickly installed it & we started our tranfer, but we couldn’t tranfer much coz the transfer speed was very poor. So, we called it quits @ 2.00 in the night.

A brief intro about IP Messenger, this msgr works as a normal messenger, its not a flashy one, as most you u might think. Its the drilled down version of Yahoo & MSN. Close to wht G-talk looks, but even G-talk is way ahead of IP Messenger. It only works on a LAN, so you cannot add ppl as u do in the rest of the messengers.

The next day was a different story, i saw around 15-16 people on my IP msgr & i knew no1 from the list, so i closed it and went back to work.
All of a sudden i got a message on my IP msgr, ne hub on???“;
i promptly replied to his message , “Which hub are u talking about? ”
The reply was ”any private hub”
I said, “how do u connect to a hub??”
he said,”Download DC++ & u r all set”
I asked, “How do i connect to a hub once i download DC++?”
He replied, “Just press ctrl+Q and key in the IP address of the Hub”
I asked. “Where will i get the Ip addr from?”
He replied, “If any one hosts a hub, they’ll circulate their IP addr, so tht other ppl can join & share stuff”.
I thanked him for helping me, coz i was doing all this for the first time.

Later in the night i got a few hub names tht i could join, and from there it was a different story. In the hub u have access to almost anything & everything. From Games to movies to songs to installers to porn, etc, etc…..
Its a heaven for all.
I was really suprised by the hub thing, coz i never expected a hub in my locality. I had heard from a fren of my abt the HUB in his network & was supposed to subscribe with his network. But somehow things didn’t workout properly & i had to go for my current network. But now am really GLAD.
i never realised tht the small message would change my life so much.

HAIL DC++!!!


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M.S. v/s MBA

August 8, 2006 5 comments

This is not a post…

Its a discussion abt an important decession in my life.
So here i am sitting on my chair totally confused on what am supposed to do next?
I have to pay my M.S. sem III fees in 2 days time or else i’ll lose my seat. But if i pay the fees, i’ll have to stay with my company for 3 more yrs (Yes, am doing a part-time M.S. course).

A good friend of mine says that these 3 yrs will fly away soon and i totally agree with him. But along with these 3 yrs, my dreams of having a decent sal by the time i get married will also fly away. Am not greedy, but i need a Salary Package tht is decent enough so tht i can support my family & support my parents.(in the future).

If i continue with my M.S. my future will get screwed royally. I have an option of doing a part-time MBA as proposed by another close friend. But the question tht arises here is “Does it have any value in the market?”. Also another problem is tht its a 3 yr course. Am bored/afraid of studying, but 3 yrs is a long time & you can easily lose motivation. But i want to do a Master’s Degree, having just a Bachelors degree wont suffice.

My mind is totally confused. :(.
Now am planning to do a Full-Time MBA…. no a Part-time MBA…… no a Full-time Msc…….
Ohh!!! My GOD…….
Please Help Me……………..

People i need your expert comments .


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World Cup @ POPTATES!!!

August 6, 2006 19 comments

This post is about my best experience of watching a match live in a sports bar.

This Sports Bar is located @ Mulund, Mumbai, India. And is called POPTATES

Lights, Camera, Action:-

The day didn’t start as any other day. I had to get up early coz I had to appear for my M.S. Sem II exams. Since it was an open book exam I had hardly opened the book before. Also I had slept really late, since I was up late night watching the earlier day World Cup matches.

I reached the exam centre well before time, only to find that the exam will be starting late by 1 hr. Since it was an open book exam no one really cared to have a last minute revision expect for a group of suckers (I don’t want to take names here). Rest everyone was discussing the details about the previous day matches. Soon the exams started & as alweyz the first paper was a cake walk for most of the students & the exam after lunch was really pathetic (I don’t even remember what the paper was, & I don’t want anyone to help me in remembering that). So after the exams were over, we all started to plan for an outing, we call it “Night is Young” plan… (actually the term was coined by me, snehal can vote for tht)

So it was decided that we’ll be going to POPTATES to watch the match between England & PORTUGAL. Intially everyone agreed but only 4 ppl lasted in the end. Kurt, Shivam, Ziom, Snehal were the fantastic four. As usual snehal started cribbing ki he has some work @ home (he usually has some excuses with him for not coming out with frenz). So the no. reduced to 3. It was agreed that I’ll meet them @ POPTATES directly @ 7.30. We had planned to reach there early coz it was a weekend n it would be really crowded out there.

By the time I reached Shivam & Ziom had registered our names with the attendant. All this time Shivam was bragging about him knowing a manager named John @ POPTATES, & it will be easy for us to get in. But things were different out there, but I must give shivam some credit in getting us in even though we entered 10 mins after the start of the match. Inside the atmosphere was absolutely electric, everybody was enjoying the game. “Some were in high spirits” and “some were high on spirits :). Luckily we got a seat near the gaint screen. Just as we entered England came close to score a goal, the whole crowd in unison said “Ohh, Shit man!!!”. I was the only one who was cheering for PORTUGAL & everytime they came 30 meters close to the goal, I would start jumping up & down on my table. Each & every move on the field was appreciated by the crowd.

The scores @ halftime was 0-0, and ppl were even more exicted coz they knew very well that both the teams will be charged up after the Halftime. The Second-Half was much more eventful than we ever thought. First Beckham was replaced by Lennon & Second and the major blow, Rooney was red carded for stepping on Carlvanho’s groin & then pushing C. Ronaldo (his teammate from Old Trafford). After that incident the whole crowd went slient, with only me dancing around, I could feel the eyes of the ppl on me, waiting to get their hands on me. There was a spring in the footsteps of PORTUGAL players after England was reduced to 10 men. They made the life miserable for the England Defenders & Midfielders. During the Injury time of the Second half, PORTUGAL scored a goal & I instantly jumped from my seat & started dancing around, again the crowd went silent. But as soon as the referees assistant raised the flag to declare the goal not void the whole Bar came to life again. My frenz started teasing & cussing me. Neways the Final score was 0-0.

PORTUGAL held a strong hold over the game during Extra time. Luis Figo was playing @ his best proving all his critics wrong. Plz make a note PORTUGAL were playing without 3 of their best players, who were red-carded in their WAR against Netherlands. The 30 mins went by in a flash, in which Maniche missed the goal atleast 10 times. Ziom, was really happy abt the fact that Maniche was missing the goal, some by inches & some by miles. As the extra time came to close England had a beautiful chance, but the match was destined to reach the Penalty Shootouts, so the ball hit the Woodwork and went out of play. Once the final whistle blew. Myself & shivam were totally dejected coz, we both believe that once a team reaches so far, there should not be any losers. (I know it’s a strange theory)

So we both were sitting in the corner with our heads down, the entire crowd was cheering for England. Soon the penalty shootout started. Ricardo was the hero for Portugal with saves from Lampard, Gerrard and Carragher before Ronaldo tucked away the winning spot-kick. It was a familiar tale for England, who once again exited from a major tournament on penalties following a brave display by Portugal.

The entire crowd went dead silent once Ronaldo had hit the final nail on England’s World Cup dreams. Am sure some people had a tear or two in their eyes. There was pin-drop silence in the whole Bar. After a few minutes the Bar Manager changed the channel & there was a Cricket match being played between India & West Indies. Soon after he changed the channel Harbhajan Singh took a wicket & the entire Crowd went berserk. People who were sad a few moments ago, started cheering for our very own Country. The experience was outsanding, I get goose bums everytime I think of that moment.

I must admit I was so thrilled by the whole experience that I decided to write a blog on the whole thing.Please forgive if there are any grammatical mistakes, coz this post was written in a 1/2 hours time.