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visiting APPLE everyday, keeps kurt @ bay…

September 15, 2006 9 comments

Hi all,

I hope most of you are aware tht Apple has launched a modified version of iPod Shuffle recently (click here to have a dekko @ the new iPod Shuffle). The new Shuffle is supposed to hit the market this October.
This is a small tribute to Apple. I found it while going thru youtube.


Also, Steve Jobs introduced Apple iTV last week @ Arts Theater in San Francisco. iTV will be competing with Window Media Center.
If you wanna have a look @ d video, the link is here.... Check it Out


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Schumi most unsporting driver: Alonso

September 13, 2006 3 comments

Hi All,

“Michael’s been the most penalised and is the most unsporting driver in the history of Formula One. Despite his headbutt, Zidane even left with more glory” – Fernando Alonso

So, guys wht do you think, the Grapes are Sour, is it….
I feel Alonso is scared that Michael might steal his Championship :D….

Go For it Michael!!!!
For complete story, Click Here

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A tribute to Steve Irwin… – The Crocodile Man

September 8, 2006 7 comments

Hi all,

A small tribute to Steve Irwin from my side…

Steve Irwin

Croc's - Steve Irwin

Crocodile Tears- Steve Irwin

Croc Crying - Steve Irwin

Stingray - Steve Irwin


Roger Federer…..

September 7, 2006 5 comments

The name says it all ….
Just watch the video…..


P.S. : HP had forwarded me the link... the video is awesome... thanks mate ;)

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Remebering the Black Day in F1…

September 1, 2006 10 comments

Hi Friends,

I have a few pictures from the US Grand Prix ’05 to share with you all. Please feel free to comment on them.

Michelin Logo
Michelin Logo

Biggest Alonso Fan (I guess)
Biggest Alonso Fan (i guess…)

Ferrari Pits
Ferrari Pits

Rare F1 sight
Rare F1 sight… A shame on the sport…

After US Grand Prix 2005
Was he HAPPY or SAD… (US Grand Prix ’05)

Monterio @ US Grand Prix 2005
The happiest guy on EARTH after the US Grand Prix… (Monterio finished 3rd @ US Grand Prix ’05)

I guess this was the first & last time when Jordan got a place on the Podium ….. 🙂


P.S.: These pictures are not personal, they have been downloaded from yahoo photos.

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