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October 26, 2006 2 comments

Hi all,

Lets all bid FAREWELL, to one of the greatest racers in F1…


Schumi 4
Before the race Soccer Legend PELE hands over a trophy (Farewell Trophy) to Schumi…

Schumi 1
Mr. Prefect overtakes Fisichella….

Mr. Prefect was not lucky on this ocassion, his rear tyre brushed Fisichella’s front wings and resulted in a tyre blast…

Schumi 2
Schumi overtakes Raikkonen… successfully

Schumi 3
The last time he climbed out of his Ferrari…

Schumi & Massa
Schumi congratulates Massa(his team mate), after he won the race…

Schumi & Alonso
The Master & his Successor

And Finally…

Team F1

Team F1



Note: All the images are courtesy:- the Internet.
I dont want any compliments for them… 😀

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HAPPY DIWALI & Eid Mubbarak…

October 20, 2006 1 comment

Hi ppl,

Wish you all a very HAPPY DIWALI & Eid Mubbarak.
Hope you all will have a gr8 time…

For those how are interested:-



It’s not always OBVIOUS

October 19, 2006 5 comments

Hi all,

OBVIOUS – What does it mean???
Obviously it means obvious… 😀
Jokes apart, Obvious to me is :- Easily perceived or understood; quite apparent.

Getting back to the topic…. “It’s not always OBVIOUS
I realised the real value of this line yesterday. Not that i never thought about it, but yesterday the above line got stuck in my head and i decided to wirte about it…..

The main reason for this to happen was the two matches i saw yesterday.
1. Australia v/s West Indies (Cricket)
2. Chelsea v/s Barcelona (Soccer)

In both the matches, the teams who were OBVIOUS to win, didn’t win.

In the Fist match…
Australia were the clear favourites. But West Indies defying the odds, slipped away with the WIN. As obivous assuies gave them a good run for their money but Windies fought back and snatched away victory from the aussies. Windies showed a good all-round performance. The match also saw the First Hatrick in a One Day International (ODI) by a West Indian Bowler…
After a loooooooooong time i was glued to T.V. watching a cricket match and i really enjoyed the Aussie ass being kicked by the Under Dogs…

In the Second match…
Chelsea were up against Barcelona, being a die-hard Chelsea Fan. I from the bottom of my heart wanted Chelsea to win. But Barcelona were OBVIOUS to win the match, coz they were in good form and Chelsea were not on the top of their game.Chelsea were banking on their 3rd Goal Keeper to fill in for their Mainline Goalies… Both the goalies had suffered some serious injuries while playing against Reading.
The match started with a bang as Messi was testing the Chelsea defence line. Soon Chelsea got back into the game, with some good shots on the opponent’s goal. The first half ended goalless, with both the teams having fair amount of chances. The first goal came in the 2nd half. It was Drojba from Chelsea who scored the goal. In the closing stages of the match, Chelsea were put under huge pressure by the Barca forwards…
But the stand-in keeper did a very good job in denying the visitors. Chelsea went on to win the match 1-0. 🙂

Am not saying that Aussie & Barca didn’t deserve to lose, my point is “It’s not always OBVIOUS” 😀


One more idol bites DUST…

October 17, 2006 4 comments

Hi all,

Today morning (17th Oct ’06) i was getting ready for office, suddenly one of the Fornt Page News caught my eyes, it read “Sohaib, Asif caught & bowled by dope“. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was one of my fav bowlers. But lately he was the center of all controversies on the Cricket ground.

He had a bad start to his Bowling Career.
When he was new to cricket his action was scrutinised, ppl accused him of Chucking. But i defended him saying,”Just because he’s a good & FAST blower, ppl are trying to pull him down”. Later he was cleared by a panel of umpires.
Then came INJURY TIME…
Then came the sledging accusation…..
Then came INJURY TIME…
Then he had a fight with his team-mates, over some issue.
Then came INJURY TIME…
And now finally he can rest for 2 yrs, coz he has been banned by the Pakistan Cricket Board
for 2 yrs.

I really wonder why do they have to take energy boosters to perform. Coz once caught all the hard earned FAME goes down the drain in a matter of second. Look @ Shane Warne, he has the maximum wickets in Test matches to his name, but does it matter to anyone after he tested positive for a banned drug in 2003. Till recently cricket was one of the cleanest game, with very little contraversies when compared with other games like Athletics, Football(Soccer), Basketball,etc..
The no. of controversies are much higher in these games.

My question is why do u need energy boosters for playing cricket, when you can substitute urself anytime you want? In a One Day Match, the ball hardly comes in ur direction for say 30-40 times, u Bowl a maximum of 10 overs i.e 60 balls & u bat @ an average of say 80 balls. And you can take as many breaks as u want. But u still find ppl taking dope.
I hope Cricketers do read blogs…


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Flash News…

October 11, 2006 15 comments

Hi all,

This is a very HOT news…
I thought i should also cover this news; as all the news channels are covering only this HOT news 24/7, they no longer care abt Dengu which spreading like a Wildfire in the Capital or abt alarming cases Chikungunya in the country…

All they want is to be the first person to cover “Bradgelina”(Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) . Bradgelina are reported to be Pune to shoot for a new movie in which Angelina Jolie is doing a lead role.

The media has been hovering around the place like bees around the beehive. They are all over the place. They have cameramen standing in front of every possible window. Yeah, even the bathroom window is under surveillance, i wonder wht do Bradgelina do differently in their bathroom, mebbe they S**T from their mouth…. yuuuucccckkkkkk

Also Suddenly there has been a sudden rise in the number of auto-rickshaws in Pune. These rickshaws are not the ordinary ones tht we daily use; these are Elite ones.
They have all the amenities one could never think of…
The ppl who drive these auto-rickshaws are very noticeable, they don only branded clothes along with the most expensive watches & perfumes and speak fluent English, with an American-Tamil/Pujabi/Bhaiya/Malalayam/etc… accent

The following in an exclusive report from PUNE:-

According to reports, IT industries have complained that suddenly most their employees have not reported to their offices from last Sunday. The senior management is very concerned with this sudden disappearance of their employees. They had asked the local polic to look into the matter.

The local police reported saying,”That most of the I.T. employees fantasize abt Angelina being their wife/G.F & are BIG fans of Angelina Joile & since she is in town they are eager to catch a glimpse of her. So, most of these Software Professionals have leased auto-rickshaws from the local auto-drivers & modified it remarkably & are driving it around the Hotel Bradgelina are staying. With a hope that they might get a chance to meet their favourite star, when the next time she decides to go sight seeing in an Auto-Rickshaw…

😀 😀

Hope Drives the World…

Thanks for your precious time viewers, i gotta go, my train to Pune will be leaving in an hours time 😀 .
See u there guys….


End of an ERA……

October 10, 2006 18 comments

I dedicate this post Michael Schumacher……

Last Sunday saw the end of an era……
An era that lasted for more than a decade, an era with a lot of UPs and some downs….
An era that revoutionized Formula1, coz everyone wanted & wants to be like him…
When ppl speak abt Formula1, he’s the guy who comes first to everybody’s mind. He has been a synonym for Formula1 for a very long time.

As a child i was a big Schumi fan… i used ape his ritual Podium Jump whenever he did a podium finish.

I think every Formula1 enthusiast in this world would have hoped that Michael finished his career on a high, but destiny had some other plans for him……
Alonso’s luck came to his help again, coz his driving skills were not helping him get closer to the title.

I was really heart broken after his exit from the race, coz the fact is that i alweyz had a soft corner for Schumi. He’s a no nonsense kinda guy, who’ll do anything to WIN…. i.e. Lie, Cheat, Steal 😀

He is an idol for many budding racers. (for the good reasons, of course)
All these youngsters look upto him with gr8 respect; which he rightly deserves.
Even after he’s gone, he will be alweyz remembered as the Greatest Driver in Formula1.

for (int i=0; i<3; i++) {
System.out.println(“HIP HIP HURRAY!!! (chorus)”);
😀  😀
But the story is not over till now, coz there’s one more race remaining…….
So put on ur seat belts, coz the next race is gonna be a thriller…

Finally i would request all the readers @ my blog to post atleast one comment on this post, coz i have tied up with an Occult Practitioner called Baba Bengali Sao-Paulowale; and for every comment you post he’ll pierce an needle on Alonso’s F1 car’s Model; so tht Schumi can easily win the race…

Note: i dont want comments on which Model are u talking abt?? Rose/XDE model or Super Models: Carol G/Nina M/John A…


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