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One more idol bites DUST…

Hi all,

Today morning (17th Oct ’06) i was getting ready for office, suddenly one of the Fornt Page News caught my eyes, it read “Sohaib, Asif caught & bowled by dope“. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was one of my fav bowlers. But lately he was the center of all controversies on the Cricket ground.

He had a bad start to his Bowling Career.
When he was new to cricket his action was scrutinised, ppl accused him of Chucking. But i defended him saying,”Just because he’s a good & FAST blower, ppl are trying to pull him down”. Later he was cleared by a panel of umpires.
Then came INJURY TIME…
Then came the sledging accusation…..
Then came INJURY TIME…
Then he had a fight with his team-mates, over some issue.
Then came INJURY TIME…
And now finally he can rest for 2 yrs, coz he has been banned by the Pakistan Cricket Board
for 2 yrs.

I really wonder why do they have to take energy boosters to perform. Coz once caught all the hard earned FAME goes down the drain in a matter of second. Look @ Shane Warne, he has the maximum wickets in Test matches to his name, but does it matter to anyone after he tested positive for a banned drug in 2003. Till recently cricket was one of the cleanest game, with very little contraversies when compared with other games like Athletics, Football(Soccer), Basketball,etc..
The no. of controversies are much higher in these games.

My question is why do u need energy boosters for playing cricket, when you can substitute urself anytime you want? In a One Day Match, the ball hardly comes in ur direction for say 30-40 times, u Bowl a maximum of 10 overs i.e 60 balls & u bat @ an average of say 80 balls. And you can take as many breaks as u want. But u still find ppl taking dope.
I hope Cricketers do read blogs…


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  1. HP
    October 17, 2006 at 3:08 pm


    One is never sure whether they actually take drugs for performance enhancment or for faster recovery from their frequent injuries. With the amount of cricket being played these days, if one misses a couple of matches and if the person replacing you plays a good part, then one is subjected to being relegated to the sidelines. Case in point, Balaji,Zaheer Khan,Nehra etc.
    So, these players depend upon their doctors for faster recovery and sometime consume such drugs in ignorance. Some of the ingredients of Ayurvedic medicines also contain some banned substances, so anyone consuming them in good faith can also fail a dope enquiry. Here, the consulting doctor’s roles comes into focus.

    I am not saying that Shoaib/Asif might not have taken drugs knowingly. Just that, it can also be otherwise.


  2. October 18, 2006 at 6:36 am


    Just to be in the Playing 11 does not justify, that you are allowed to Dope…
    Abt the ayurvedic medicines, i have not heard a single case so far… All i know is tht US government has banned certain ayurvedic medicines, coz they contain heavy amount of Iron, Zinc, etc…. Am Dead sure Shane Warne wouldn’t have taken an Ayurvedic Med… 🙂

    A crime is a crime, whether done intentionally or by mistake…


  3. HP
    October 18, 2006 at 10:13 am


    I am not saying that it is not a crime. I am just laying out the various situations when they might take drugs.
    You were asking as to why would anyone use dope in cricket. Hence, I gave some plausible reasons 🙂
    Shane Warne in his great excuse had said that he was given something by his mother which he was unaware of 😀

    Also, the very fact that the US government has banned some Ayurvedic medicines point to the fact that they are not acceptable. So, nothing stops them being in the banned drugs list throughout the world. I am not remembering any case off-hand but some of the weightlifters who were accused of doping had taken the Ayurvedic excuse.
    Also, Aparna Popat had taken some medicines which had some banned substances and she had to face a suspension from her game.

    And, a crime is a crime. No two questions about it. 😀


  4. October 19, 2006 at 4:30 am


    They have a reason for everything.

    As for Shane Warne, he’s not a 2 yr old toddler who will eat anything n everything his mom feeds him. I hope you didn’t buy Shane’s story… 😛
    Ayurveda has shown its effectiveness to us over the yrs and we dont need any US governments stamp for it.
    I dont know abt Aprna Popat, but in our country u’ll find tht even little children taking energy shots before their match or race. They believe in taking shortcuts…


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