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Dooooom Bachaaleee…

Hi all,

This post is a review about a latest film that hit theatres few weeks back. I happened to watch this movie and I was/am so bugged with it that I decided to write abt it.

The movie abt which am talking here is Dhoom: 2

Abt the movie:
The start of the movie itself is mind blowing. Hrithik (whoz one of the lead protragonists) is shown as Queen of England and then the thief Hrithik comes sky diving and lands on the train (got confused 🙂 , good) and then somehow gets inside the train, steals The Queens Crown dressed as the Queen of England  and then somehow gets out of the train. Once back on the roof of the train, he uses his skateboard (yes, my frenz Skateboard) to fight the Queens Guards. At last he jumps of the train that was all this time was running through a desert. Then he disappears into the desert. He is shown skating on the sand(God only knows how he managed to reach home).

Meanwhile our cops (Jr. AB & Uday) are busy busting a drug racket. The action scenes here are so astounding that they keep you on the edge of your seat (I too was on the edge of the seat, but I was about to fall down laughing).
Summary on the action scenes: – Uday jumps onto the boat with his bike from nowhere – while the goons are going to blow his head off – AB jr. comes out of water where he was hiding all this time (wonder how did he manage to breathe underwater without any Oxygen cylinder) – once out of water, he just cleans house by killing all the goons one by one… phewww its tough being a Cop in Bollywood. 😀

Now after The Great Train Robbery which happened Overseas, we have a Bombshell Cop (read Bips) who has been chasing “Mr. A”(Hrithik’s reel name) for more than 2 yrs and she is still clueless abt Mr. A (from when did our Cops start working on International Assignments). Apparently she joins our city police team (I don’t know for what reason) and they all(read our city police) seem to be interested in this international thief (no idea whatsoever, may be he too has a prize on his head like our Gabbar Singh…). While Bips is giving out details abt Mr. A, our Super Cop (Jr. AB) has deciphered all the actions of Mr. A & also tells other cops tht his next robbery is gonna be in Mumbai. (His brain works faster than a computer).

Now Mr. A successfully robs the diamond from the Museum & gets away with gravity defying stunts, looking @ him (Mr. A) run around with all the gadgets u’ll feel that he had lesser powers in Krrrrrrish… 😀 and more gadgets than James Bond. One of his gadgets is a magnetic field generating glove .How he uses it to get away is a scene in itself . Now the super cop has Plan B in his mind to trap Mr. A, he somehow gets Ash (a.ka. Sunehri) to team up with Fu…nny Guy (yeah tht’s what she calls Mr.A). Ash is working as a Tipper for the Super Cop (Voila! The Super Cop is full of brains…). Now once together they train, plan together for their next ransack. In this process they ……… guess maaro yaaron…. Yes they FALL IN LOVE… hurray hurray.

Now the next 30 minutes or so, we had to guess how the previous scene is related to the present scene. Total Chaos,

  1. In one scene Ash & Mr. A dressed as Dwarfs plan to rob some age-old coins from a museum.
  2. In the next scene computer generated spiders are running all around & this creates panic among the tourists.
  3. They manage to escape by becoming children. (Yes, they are show as kids using computer graphics of course.) But how the hell did they lose their height & weight???
  4. Now Ash ditches Super Cop & joins Mr. A(remember they are in LOVE). Super Cop swears tht he’ll hunt both of them down.
  5. Suddenly you see Ash & Mr. A on a bike and out of nowhere a police Chopper comes in & starts following them.
  6. The things that happen after that can’t be explained in words… My heart bleed watching each scene.

That’s it in the end Super Cop catches Mr. A & Ash as he had promised. Now Mr.A asks Ash to shoot him, coz he doesn’t wanna be caught & as a good Indian girl she obeys her partner’s orders and kills him (Now u’ll think thts the end, rite?? But nope 😦 ). Now the cop leaves Ash & does not arrest her (for some useless reason). The Super Cop has something in his mind & he keeps following Ash & when she finally meets Mr. A (surprise surprise, yeah he’s alive, the bullets were fake) Super cop comes out & spoils their cozy meeting. Now Mr. A has turned into a Saint after he fell in love with Ash & decides to surrender himself & all his loot. But the Super Cop who has a Golden heart leaves Mr. A free & only takes away his “watch” (Yes, the watch had all the data about his loot). Yes this movie has a Happy Ending unlike its predecessor.

I must admit the only saving grace in the whole movie were the chicks “Ash & Bips(I still wonder what was her role??)”, Hrithik & the Body Builder (Uday), his comic timing was good (for a change).


P.S.: Some inputs were taken from Mr. Snehal who was responsible for booking tickets for me in the first place…

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  1. HP
    December 5, 2006 at 11:03 am

    hmmn..Good Review…Not many typos there 🙂

    And you liked Uday Chopra.Wonder what this world is coming to 🙂 Naah..I too didn’t mind him in the first version..But, IMHO Dhoom too was a higly-hyped film..There was nothing in the film that it should have been that big a hit…But , Whatever 😀


  2. December 5, 2006 at 11:54 am

    # HP

    Thanks Mate…
    Yeah man Uday Chopra is good in the movie… at times only…
    The movie is only meant to be a Eye Candy for guys & gals… 😀


  3. Snehal
    December 6, 2006 at 8:46 am

    I guess we shud hav gone by wot was given in the mumbai mirror.They had proclaimed the Uday Chopra is the scene stealer in the movie 8-). Another pointer that Dhoom was gonna be doomed was tht we were watching it in RAdlabs(remember our past flops there Ocean’s Twelve,Brode and Prejudice,BI-2 ). Mayb we just chose to ignore the gods and thus our fate was sealed for the running length of the movie.

  4. December 29, 2006 at 10:07 am

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! one of the most random movies I watched, and sucked.

  5. January 4, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    i so totally agree!!

  6. arnav
    January 8, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    I also watched this movie but you have not told the story of the stealing of the sowrd and yes the bullet was not fake in the end Mr.A was wearing bullet proof jacket.

  7. January 11, 2007 at 8:38 pm

    #Schmetterling & Nikhil
    You both are right, it sucked big time…

    Now since both of you are right(read wright) i guess you can go build a plane…(my apologies for such a bad p.j.;am out of my senses…)

    The scene in itself is a huge post & wordpress would have terminated my account if i were to use that amount of space…

    Abt the bullets, since i didn’t see any blood, so i thought it was fake. Forgive me if i am wrong.

    Thank you guys for visiting ma space…


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