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We won it…

February 27, 2007 10 comments

You know Darling;
We won Carling… πŸ˜€
Ppl, we (read CHELSEA) have won the Carling Cup!!!
With one title in our bag, now we should concentrate to win the rest. This title win should surly do wonders to our confidence (am really keeping my fingers crossed on this…)

Facts Abt d Match:-
Arsenal came into this match as d underdogs, as they were playing their reserves & not their 1st team (actually their reserves played better than their Best team would have). Whereas Chelsea had fielded their best players (though some were still injured) for the finals, i guess this shows how desperately Jose wanted to win the CUP.

The young Arsenal Team drew First Blood in the 12th minute of the match; Walcott being the goal scorer for Arsenal (guys,watch out for this fellow). Chelsea had to wait till the second half to get even and just before the end of play they scored the vital goal to clinch victory; it was Didier Drojba (our savior this year) who netted both goals for the Blues. The win for the Blues came @ d cost of their Captain John Terry, he was taken off field in an unconscious state on a stretcher. 😦

The main highlight of this match was not Chelsea’s victory or Terry’s injury, but the things tht happened after d match. It was almost end of the match and a War Broke out between the two teams. It looked really bad to see them fighting like kids. Arsenal were acting as cry babies, they couldn’t digest the fact that they lost to a Brilliant Team πŸ˜€

If you guys missed the action don’t worry, i got this video for you.

John Terry’s accident



MTV Roadies…

February 16, 2007 28 comments

Hi guys,

I know this post has come out very late, but its “Better late than Never”.
So here it goes:

A post on MTV Roadies.

Its been four years since this show started & i feel this year (read 4th year) was the best. By best i mean it had right amount mirch-masala to get me hooked on to it rite till the end; last but by no means least were the participants or Roadies (as they are called). Even tasks which were performed by the Roadies were interesting.

There are 13 roadies in the start, but only one can win the Crown. To be a roadie you dont have to be beautiful/handsome, here you are supposed to be mean, manipulative & alweyz be ready to use all the dirty tricks in the book to pin down your opponents.

Of all the roadies, there was one roadie who stood out from the rest & that was Gurbani Judge(a.k.a. BANI) (for those who don’t know her can close their browser window… #@$@#$@#). She might have not won the Roadie Title, but she has surely won a million hearts. All the roadies tried their best to kick her out, but fate (or producers) wanted something else. She would somehow escape every vote-out by a whisker & finally emerged as the runner-up & rest of the participants could only abuse & bitch abt her. Best thing abt Bani was her “I dont care” attitude. She never gave a fuck abt wht others thought abt her… (jst like me…) πŸ˜€

Moving ahead; the second roadie i liked most is Rupali/Roopali….. Man she is soooo cute, i just love her chubby cheeks & the way she irritated my first love BANI. She was also a tough contender for the Crown, until she was knocked out of the show by BANI. I felt so bad when she was out, tht i ate 2 times of my regular dinner… 😦

Next on the Like list are Sonam, Sahil, Anthony & Raj… These ppl where also good & were great competitors.

Now the Hate List , guess wht POONAM rules the roost, i hate her from bottom of my everything. I dont wanna vent out my feelings abt her on this Family Blog, but by now u ppl must hav a clue of wht i feel abt her.

All in all it was an entertaining show to watch, without ur parents ofcourse…
I hope I did mention tht Anthony won the Crown and he’s MTVβ€˜s Roadie 4 winner.

For Die-Hard BANI fans, this is Bani’s profile on Orkut.
Roopali’s profile on Orkut


Kkkkkya karega CrorePati???

February 8, 2007 28 comments

Hi ppl,

Its been long time since i posted something on my blog, this post is just to keep my WordPress account active… πŸ˜€

As you all know few weeks back Star started airing Kaun Banega CrorePati? once again. This time around it is being compered by none other than King Khan himself & mind you all he is doing a good job. Unlike Big B, Mr. Khan has a different approach towards his participants. SRK with his hyperactive persona is delivering a kick-ass performance day after day.(i hate myself for saying this…)

Now my post here is not abt SRK or his performance on stage. Its abt this question he keeps asking to all his participants when they are about to join him on the HOT Seat. He asks them, “Wht will they do with 2 crore rupees??” and the answers given by participants are really intresting.

My question is the same,”What will you do if you win 2 crore rupees??

Imagine you are sitting on the HOT Seat & have just answered the 15th Question for 2 crore rupees.

SRK:- Mr/Miss.* apka jawab 2 crore rupiyon ke liye hai option D.
Mr/Miss.*:- yes
SRK:- Are u sure? u can leave this game, if u want.
Mr/Miss.*:- No, just freeze it.
SRK:- Ok, Computerji Option D ko freeze kiya jaye
Mr/Miss.*:- (bitting his nails….)
SRK:- (sigh….)
Mr/Miss.*:- (even more nevrous…)
SRK:- y did u not select option A?
Mr/Miss.*:- i think option D is right
SRK:- But…. option D is….
Mr/Miss.*:- is….
SRK:- Mr.* am soooo sorry but option D is…..
Mr/Miss.*:- (blank look on his face)
SRK:- is….. the right answer…… CONGRATULATIONS…. you have won 2 crore rupees
Mr/Miss.*:- Thank you SRK, i would also like to thank audience for their support
SRK:- com’on Mr/Miss.* give me a hug….

Hope to see some crappy & wacky comments…


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