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Guess who’s back….

March 17, 2007 6 comments

For ppl who dont know wht am talking here. I’ll ask you all to look @ the Header… πŸ™‚ [i created it]

Raikkonen takes pole in Melbourne
The Ferrari driver’s time of one minute 26.072 seconds was enough to earn him the 13th pole of his career.
Defending world champion Fernando Alonso was second in Melbourne, with Nick Heidfeld third and British debutant Lewis Hamilton in fourth spot.

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Regular Expressions…

March 15, 2007 7 comments

Firstly, I would like to apologize to all nerds & techies, who thought that this post was gonna be of any help to them.

Secondly, Insight:
Life as a Software Engineer can be pretty boring if you don’t find ways to keep yourself occupied by doing something or other. When I signed up with my current employer; I was lucky to find a good project (Stop tittering [am so proud of myself, for using tht word] ppl, its true) & some good frenz. We did a lot of TP & less of work (but mind you the work we did was Quality Work [literally, we were in the Quality Dept.]). I spent 2 of my valuable yrs in the same project doing nothing & everything. One fine day the Org. decided to dissolve our Dept. & sadly our team was broken & i was released to another team. Suddenly i was all alone & I wondered that it would have been better if i didn’t have such a awesome team in the beginning, “Coz My Loneliness was Killing me Day & Night, I must confess i still believe….(thanks Britney)”.

Bret Lee, Start:
I have come up with a way to fight boredom when I have less/no work (I have not invented anything here, just using what was already there). I use it only when am not blogging / commenting on blogs/ orkutting / checking mails / playing carom(one of my favorite) & I still find time; amazing isn’t it πŸ˜‰ . It’s a very simple method. Just observe your environment (observe guys… don’t ogle/stare); gaze @ people around you, observe their expressions. Different ppl have different expressions; some look happy, some sad, some mad, some tense, some intense, some carefree,etc….. happy looking ppl are very rare, most of my specimens are tense (coz am an IT guy & 70% of ppl here are tense & rest are Fukats…. πŸ˜€ ) . This technique / method / whatever unwinds your mind (to some extend) & u’ll certainly feel rejuvenated (atleast i feel so). If by chances they (your subjects [not the subject from ur email or the one from Munnabhai MMBS]) catch you staring (I mean looking), don’t be embarrassed or don’t try to look away. Just look them in the eye & give them a good smile, they’ll for sure give u a smile back (most of the time) .

Shane Lee, End:

Mind you only try this only if you have ample time to invest (10-15mins on an avg. 3-4 times a day). This technique / method / whatever is highly addictive. If not used properly u can end up spending most of your time practicing it.

Best place to practice is in Best buses… (wah wah)


P.S1.: I know that there is no relevance between the Topic & the Post. All i can say is “Bhavnavon ko samjho….”
P.S2. : I would like to thank all the lys & Lee’s
P.S3.: Is very costly (again a ly…)

Round Of 16…

March 9, 2007 4 comments

As most you might have guessed it by now, this post is like most of my other posts which i have posted earlier on this blog & others blogs is abt FOOTBALL… πŸ™‚

It was after a very long time tht i decided to watch an UEFA Champions League match @ night & I must tell you it was worth all the sleep that i lost, coz its not everyday tht u get to see two Gaints like Liverpool & Barcelona play.

Dt: 06-Feb-2007, 12:45 am
Liverpool v/s Barcelona

Barcelona was in a Do/Die situation; the Defending Champions had to win this match by atleast 2 goals. The atmosphere was electrifying(as usual), with all Liverpool fans singing for their team coz they knew they(Liverpool) were having the upper hand in the match. After kick-off there was no stopping Liverpool they were all over Barca & their attack was spearheaded by Risse (yes, the Liverpool defender); 3 times he came close to scoring a goal, 2 times of which he was denied by the Crossbar. Valdes(Barca Goal-Keeper) was having a real tough time. 30 minutes into the game & The Reds had 9 shots on Goal & Barca had 0 (very unlike Barca) . The only saving grace from Barca was Messi, he was the one who was running around trying to create chances for Barca to score. The score remained 0-0 till half time, with Liverpool dominating the first half.
In the Second half Barca looked more composed & started passing the ball
around quite nicely. Ronaldinho also came close to scoring, but again was denied by the WoodWork. In the end it was Barca who drew first blood & the goal scorer was none other than Former Chelsea striker Gudjohnsen . He scored within few minutes of his substitution. In the end Braca tried to put Liverpool under a lot of pressure, but they were a tough nut to crack tht easily. Though Barca won the match, they were knocked out of Champions league on the basis Away goals.

Basically Braca didn’t look/play like the Defending Champs. For me there was only one Man-of-the-Match & tht was

The Goal-Post… πŸ˜€ , coz it blocked 4 sure goals…

Dt: 06-Feb-2007, 12:45 am
Amidst all this action, i suddenly happened to notice a small marquee @ the bottom of my TV screen & my heart almost skipped a beat. They were showing scores from other Live Champions League matches. The score tht made me fall of my bed was of the match between Chelsea & F.C. Porto. I think it was in the 33rd minute tht i first took notice of the live score update & the score-line was Chelsea 0 – 1 F.C.Porto( 15). The score remained tht way until half-time. The marquee re-appeared after a period of 10 mins. When it appeared @ around th 55th minute of the match, my heartbeat was back to normal, coz now the scoreline was (Robben 48)Chelsea 1 – 1 F.C. Porto ( 15). I had to wait till the 85th minute to get my lost smile back πŸ™‚ , yes Chelsea had taken the lead thanks to Ballack. The scoreline remained tht way till the end. i.e. Chelsea 2 – 1 F.C. Porto

Dt: 06-Feb-2007, 12:45 am
Bayern Munich v/s Real Madrid
I also happened to see the Fastest Goal in UCL History (tht too Live, obviously on T.V.) by Makkay from Bayern Munich… πŸ™‚
Yes, Real Madrid proved again tht they are no longer a Champion Squad & are just a bunch of ppl playing together, coz they get paid(heavily) for doing tht. Eventually Bayern went on to win the match on the Basis of Away Goals. Final score was Bayern Munich 2 – 1 Real Madrid

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