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Finn Wins One finally…

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Moi happened to witness one of the most thrilling race in F1 history LIVE ) .The outcome of the race decided who won the Driver’s Championship. The race in itself was not exciting, but it was a title decider.

Fate of the race for Hamilton was decided in the 1st lap itself, when he jammed his front brake on the exit of the first corner while he was trying to overtake Alonso who had snatched third place from him. After jamming his brakes he tried to control his speed but was unable & was forced to veer off-track into the grass & later joined the race somewhere in 8th/9th position. That was just the start, there was more Bad Luck in store for him. Later when he started his climb up the order, his gearbox got all screwed up. He started lossing pace & one by one all the drivers overtook him, as he was about to get into pit miracle happened & his car was alive & kicking, but he was 30 sec behind the lot which was a bit too much to ask for. Remaining part of the race was an excellent showcase of Hamiltons’s driving prowess which helped him carve his way through traffic & finish @ 7th position.

The other set of drivers who were fighting for the top stop were Kimi & Alonso, both wonderful drivers. But the Ferrari’s were no match for McLaren, both Massa & Kimi were leading the pack of drivers at 1st & 2nd place, repectively, with Alonso in 3rd place. If they finished in that same order Alonso would have won the Championship. Kimi tried his best to overtake Massa, but Massa was not willing to let go that easliy, it was his Home Circuit. Intergalos is the circuit where he grew up, learning how to drive. Kimi had to wait till Massa’s second pit-stop, while Massa was in pits Kimi made a few scroching laps to cussion his own pit-stop. After 2-3 scroching laps Kimi finally came in for his final pit-stop of the year & his pit-crew did an excellent job of getting him out before Massa.

All this time Alonso played really safe there was no agression shown by him. I guess he wanted to keep things smooth in his car & didn’t want to be out of the race by trying a little too much.

Towards the end it was Kimi who finished First, then Massa followed by Alonso & Hamilton finished 7th. When kimi was cruising around in his car waving to the crowd, his Radio sprang to life & said “Its All Over, Hamilton is seventh, Hamilton is seventh!!!”. Kimi was on cloud no.9, his first Championship win after driving for all these years. He really deserved it. But one thing that makes think is, “Will Hamilton be the next Kimi Raikonen? Will McLaren do justice to his talent, like they did to Hakkinen?”.
I guess we’ll have to wait till next season…

If you have time this is a good read: Third time lucky for new champion Raikkonen

Hail Kimi!!!
Hail McLaren !!!


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Its not age, but mileage what matters…
– Dharam Paaji, Jhonny Gaddar.

Please help me decode it….