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Its Raining…

By tomorrow all the newspapers & blogs will be full of this news. But i thought i’ll write a few lines on it before i go to sleep. Dont worry its more of a Weather Report Post & am not gonna bore you with poems… (like i could write one :D)

Finally, its raining in Mumbai, this will surely bring some relief from the scorching sun. Although its not offically rainiy season in Mumbai, but who cares we love the rains(only when am playing soccer & not when am leaving for office). Its more of Pre-Monsoon showers. Though it only rained for few minutes, but it was pretty heavy one. Looking forward to more of such Pre-Monsoon Showers before the Raininy season hits mumbai.

Ppl, take your umbrella’s out.
Gals, you can come Under my Umbrella…

The best comment i heard when we were sitting in the cafeteria & watching it rain was,
“Chal, ghar jaate hain. Nahi toh trains baand ho jayega…” (Lets leave office & go home,you never know when trains will stop running)


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  1. RJ
    June 4, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    Its raining and I am sure that would be a huge relief from the sun. My friends told me about the rains and I could feel the excitement and happiness over it as I can find the same in your post too.

    Let there be enough rain for the farmers to do their work, let their be enough rain for other purposes but not too much rains to kill people.

    Nice post dude – keep writing and keep smiling,

  2. HP
    June 5, 2008 at 12:42 am

    yeah…the rain gods have shown mercy!
    hope it rains a bit so that we have some relief!

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