This has been a long break for me, almost 8 months. I never thought that I would be back, but Guess What? Am Back. Not planning on a serious comeback, whenever I find an interesting topic to blog about, I’ll just post a link to that site 🙂

Also, there is one more thing special about this post. Am posting it through my email. Cool… isn’t it? WordPress, always has something up its sleeve.

I clearly remember when I started blogging, I used to own a blog at & I was a power-user there. I would always mess around with my site template, keep adding stuff to it, etc,… One fine day, my office firewall started blocking blogger, I was screwed & that was the end of life for me. I had never imagined a life with blogging (lol) & I was so used to Blogger, that even the slightest thought of switching to another site made me uncomfortable.

One of my friend(HP) advised me to check out WordPress. It was love at first sight for me. Something was so right about this blogging site, that I decided to ditch blogger & move over to WordPress for good. WordPress also let me move all my old Blogger posts to their account, that was like cherry on top of the cake. I have never looked back since. Even though I can no longer screw my site’s templates & customize it to my will(I won’t stop cribbing about it). I can choose a theme for my site from the 100 options available, I can add widgets (huge collection of widgets) to my site. The new DashBoard for WordPress has stunning UI (User Interface… duh!), everything is so organized that you will never get lost. I love this one thing on my Dashboard, whenenver I look at it, it makes me smile. It’s the Welcome Message that WordPress has, it goes “Howdy, Kurt”, it’s a small thing but I guess it’s their way of saying, “Relax, no pressure, enjoy your stay here & we won’t kick you out if you don’t submit a post in the next 10 mins”… 🙂

All in all a great Blogging site, with many useful features including Blog Stats, Polls, Storage Options, etc…
There would be many other blogs with same or enhanced features, but I am here to stay.
Hail WordPress !!!

That’s about it, hope to see this get published, using their new email feature, to know more about that, click here


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  1. HP
    October 9, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Good to have you back Dude.
    And really nice to see you writing something for a change. Hope you continue and probably all of us get back to blogging.

    Keep Inink!


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