Highly recommended….

Hello ppl,I decided to follow mattu’s path & suggest you all something good to listen to. These days I dont get time to listen to music, but when i do have some time, i spend it leisurely by listening to some of the following songs. I started listening to these songs a few days back & kinda liked them 😉 . Actually i have a small collection of songs(around 5.5 GB) & i get confused everytime i start iTunes to play some music. But the other day a friend of mine created a playlist for me with these songs in it. So here it goes…

The Reason – Hoobstank

Lonely No More – Rob Thomas

Losing Grip – Avril Lavinge

Alvida – Life in a Metro


P.S. : If you happen to listen to all these songs; dont jump to conclusions just coz they all belong to the Devdas genre. Am perfectly alright & am not suffering from any heartbreak 😀

P.S. : Am really sorry for the videos, couldn’t find a plug-in for WordPress, that would allow me to add songs to my post. I have attached lyrics to the above 3 songs 😉

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