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March 25, 2008 6 comments

Hi ppl,

It’s been long since I posted something. Big thanks to RJ who asked me to co-author his blog has got me all charged up (lets see how long the charge lasts…) & I decided to pen down my own blog, but the real reason is, read on…

After a brief Vanvas, when I returned home(to my WordPress account) & was browsing thru to get a feel of my blog; incidentally my eyes fell on the link called Blog Stats on my Dashboard(it was my fav link for timepass during my young blogging days, i religiously checked tht link everyday). More abt the link; in WordPress they have this facility where you can see your blog stats; under the link they show no. of visitors, no. of links to your site, no. of unique hits to your site & keywords used by users to reach your blog. The keywords really took me by suprise & I decided tht i should let ppl know wht keywords to use, when they are searching for my blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s terms used by ppl to find my blog are:

  • mtv roadies bani
  • bani mtv roadies
  • gurbani judge
  • mtv roadie bani
  • rodie sonam
  • mtv roadies blog
  • gurbani+roadies
  • mtv roadies: bani
  • baani + mtv + roadies
  • gurbani judge
  • roadies bani
  • mtv roadies 4 participants
  • rupali roadie
  • bani mtv roadies
  • roopali roadie

I guess the main reason for this recent popularity of my site is coz of MTV’s latest show, MTV Roadies 5.0. Just bcoz their latest show sucks so badly, that ppl(especially guys) are still looking for last year’s Roadies. ๐Ÿ™‚
I really feel sad for all the people who search/google these terms in hope of finding some useful info or atleast a photo of the above mentioned gals. But sadly they end up on my site… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
After this post the number of searches are going to increase by atleast two folds, i guess…

For ppl who were patient to read the entire post:
Guys/gals there are some good posts in here. ๐Ÿ˜€
I also have a lot of friends who real good writers, check their links on the right side of the page under Friendly Blogs.


P.S.: Am really sorry Roadie readers, i didn’t mean to disappoint you, but you can find more info on MTV Roadie

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October 4, 2007 10 comments

Its not age, but mileage what matters…
– Dharam Paaji, Jhonny Gaddar.

Please help me decode it….


Regular Expressions…

March 15, 2007 7 comments

Firstly, I would like to apologize to all nerds & techies, who thought that this post was gonna be of any help to them.

Secondly, Insight:
Life as a Software Engineer can be pretty boring if you donโ€™t find ways to keep yourself occupied by doing something or other. When I signed up with my current employer; I was lucky to find a good project (Stop tittering [am so proud of myself, for using tht word] ppl, its true) & some good frenz. We did a lot of TP & less of work (but mind you the work we did was Quality Work [literally, we were in the Quality Dept.]). I spent 2 of my valuable yrs in the same project doing nothing & everything. One fine day the Org. decided to dissolve our Dept. & sadly our team was broken & i was released to another team. Suddenly i was all alone & I wondered that it would have been better if i didn’t have such a awesome team in the beginning, “Coz My Loneliness was Killing me Day & Night, I must confess i still believe….(thanks Britney)”.

Bret Lee, Start:
I have come up with a way to fight boredom when I have less/no work (I have not invented anything here, just using what was already there). I use it only when am not blogging / commenting on blogs/ orkutting / checking mails / playing carom(one of my favorite) & I still find time; amazing isn’t it ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Itโ€™s a very simple method. Just observe your environment (observe guys… donโ€™t ogle/stare); gaze @ people around you, observe their expressions. Different ppl have different expressions; some look happy, some sad, some mad, some tense, some intense, some carefree,etc….. happy looking ppl are very rare, most of my specimens are tense (coz am an IT guy & 70% of ppl here are tense & rest are Fukats…. ๐Ÿ˜€ ) . This technique / method / whatever unwinds your mind (to some extend) & u’ll certainly feel rejuvenated (atleast i feel so). If by chances they (your subjects [not the subject from ur email or the one from Munnabhai MMBS]) catch you staring (I mean looking), donโ€™t be embarrassed or donโ€™t try to look away. Just look them in the eye & give them a good smile, they’ll for sure give u a smile back (most of the time) .

Shane Lee, End:

Mind you only try this only if you have ample time to invest (10-15mins on an avg. 3-4 times a day). This technique / method / whatever is highly addictive. If not used properly u can end up spending most of your time practicing it.

Best place to practice is in Best buses… (wah wah)


P.S1.: I know that there is no relevance between the Topic & the Post. All i can say is “Bhavnavon ko samjho….”
P.S2. : I would like to thank all the lys & Lee’s
P.S3.: Is very costly (again a ly…)