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January 11, 2010 2 comments

These words were/are a part of me from the day I started thinking. I also, do a good job at confusing people who come to me for some guidance (yea, can you ppl believe it?? Ppl come to me for guidance… 🙂 ).

I vaguely remember the first time I was out with my parents to buy a new clothes for my b’day & I couldn’t decide what to pick, thankfully my parents made that decision for me. There were several b’days after that & the confusion carried over.

Then came college life, where I was confused about courses I should take, I didn’t have many options but was still confused.

In college I was confused over “Which Sport?” should I play in my college, because I was good at most games (that’s true).

Then came Degree College, where I was confused over which Majors to choose from.

Then came job, where I was not given any options. So, no confusion there.

There were many other confusions in my life & I did make some choices, most of them were impulsive ones, while others were compulsive.

Now, I have this one decision to make, this is going to be Big One & you bet am confused as hell.

Watch this space for more updates…



P.S.: Am not getting married.

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October 8, 2009 1 comment

This has been a long break for me, almost 8 months. I never thought that I would be back, but Guess What? Am Back. Not planning on a serious comeback, whenever I find an interesting topic to blog about, I’ll just post a link to that site 🙂

Also, there is one more thing special about this post. Am posting it through my email. Cool… isn’t it? WordPress, always has something up its sleeve.

I clearly remember when I started blogging, I used to own a blog at & I was a power-user there. I would always mess around with my site template, keep adding stuff to it, etc,… One fine day, my office firewall started blocking blogger, I was screwed & that was the end of life for me. I had never imagined a life with blogging (lol) & I was so used to Blogger, that even the slightest thought of switching to another site made me uncomfortable.

One of my friend(HP) advised me to check out WordPress. It was love at first sight for me. Something was so right about this blogging site, that I decided to ditch blogger & move over to WordPress for good. WordPress also let me move all my old Blogger posts to their account, that was like cherry on top of the cake. I have never looked back since. Even though I can no longer screw my site’s templates & customize it to my will(I won’t stop cribbing about it). I can choose a theme for my site from the 100 options available, I can add widgets (huge collection of widgets) to my site. The new DashBoard for WordPress has stunning UI (User Interface… duh!), everything is so organized that you will never get lost. I love this one thing on my Dashboard, whenenver I look at it, it makes me smile. It’s the Welcome Message that WordPress has, it goes “Howdy, Kurt”, it’s a small thing but I guess it’s their way of saying, “Relax, no pressure, enjoy your stay here & we won’t kick you out if you don’t submit a post in the next 10 mins”… 🙂

All in all a great Blogging site, with many useful features including Blog Stats, Polls, Storage Options, etc…
There would be many other blogs with same or enhanced features, but I am here to stay.
Hail WordPress !!!

That’s about it, hope to see this get published, using their new email feature, to know more about that, click here


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Link… Aryton Senna

October 6, 2008 1 comment

Hi all,

Was going through my archives & found this link (sumit had forwarded this link to me, loooong back)

It’s a very interesting read for all the F1 fans.

I get goose-bumps everytime i read this post.


Its a bit long but worth very bit of it.

Read on…


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Its Raining…

June 4, 2008 2 comments

By tomorrow all the newspapers & blogs will be full of this news. But i thought i’ll write a few lines on it before i go to sleep. Dont worry its more of a Weather Report Post & am not gonna bore you with poems… (like i could write one :D)

Finally, its raining in Mumbai, this will surely bring some relief from the scorching sun. Although its not offically rainiy season in Mumbai, but who cares we love the rains(only when am playing soccer & not when am leaving for office). Its more of Pre-Monsoon showers. Though it only rained for few minutes, but it was pretty heavy one. Looking forward to more of such Pre-Monsoon Showers before the Raininy season hits mumbai.

Ppl, take your umbrella’s out.
Gals, you can come Under my Umbrella…

The best comment i heard when we were sitting in the cafeteria & watching it rain was,
“Chal, ghar jaate hain. Nahi toh trains baand ho jayega…” (Lets leave office & go home,you never know when trains will stop running)


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Policy #57

May 10, 2008 5 comments

This post is not about some LIC policies that will help you with your tax savings.
This is about a policy which is pestering me from the last 2 weeks??

When i moved from my Previous Org to my Current Org a few months back, I was really very happy to be in a better place (yeah rite…). After joining my Current Org, i came to know more about its Culture & Policies during my Induction Program; i was blown away by all these stuff because my Previous Org hardly had any of them 🙂 (i know its a cheap shot).

Of all the policies i was impressed by this one policy where my Current Org had given “Complete Authority to Employees while they uses Internet” & i distinctly remember saying it to myself “That’s Good, they care about their Employees” but I never thought not even in my wildest nightmares that they were secretly planning to unleash this Evil Policy to make all our(read Employees) lives miserable.

Yes my friends am talking abt Policy #57. Thanks to this Policy Employees are totally jacked; am really thankful to them that they have not disabled
This is what the Policy says when i try to open some websites (like,,

Access Denied: ********* Policy 57

The website you have attempted to access is prohibited. Internal webfilters indicate that the website contains content considered inappropriate according to ********* Policy 57: Information Security and Acceptable Use of Systems.

I hope that they get rid of this f***in policy soon.


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Regular Expressions…

March 15, 2007 7 comments

Firstly, I would like to apologize to all nerds & techies, who thought that this post was gonna be of any help to them.

Secondly, Insight:
Life as a Software Engineer can be pretty boring if you don’t find ways to keep yourself occupied by doing something or other. When I signed up with my current employer; I was lucky to find a good project (Stop tittering [am so proud of myself, for using tht word] ppl, its true) & some good frenz. We did a lot of TP & less of work (but mind you the work we did was Quality Work [literally, we were in the Quality Dept.]). I spent 2 of my valuable yrs in the same project doing nothing & everything. One fine day the Org. decided to dissolve our Dept. & sadly our team was broken & i was released to another team. Suddenly i was all alone & I wondered that it would have been better if i didn’t have such a awesome team in the beginning, “Coz My Loneliness was Killing me Day & Night, I must confess i still believe….(thanks Britney)”.

Bret Lee, Start:
I have come up with a way to fight boredom when I have less/no work (I have not invented anything here, just using what was already there). I use it only when am not blogging / commenting on blogs/ orkutting / checking mails / playing carom(one of my favorite) & I still find time; amazing isn’t it 😉 . It’s a very simple method. Just observe your environment (observe guys… don’t ogle/stare); gaze @ people around you, observe their expressions. Different ppl have different expressions; some look happy, some sad, some mad, some tense, some intense, some carefree,etc….. happy looking ppl are very rare, most of my specimens are tense (coz am an IT guy & 70% of ppl here are tense & rest are Fukats…. 😀 ) . This technique / method / whatever unwinds your mind (to some extend) & u’ll certainly feel rejuvenated (atleast i feel so). If by chances they (your subjects [not the subject from ur email or the one from Munnabhai MMBS]) catch you staring (I mean looking), don’t be embarrassed or don’t try to look away. Just look them in the eye & give them a good smile, they’ll for sure give u a smile back (most of the time) .

Shane Lee, End:

Mind you only try this only if you have ample time to invest (10-15mins on an avg. 3-4 times a day). This technique / method / whatever is highly addictive. If not used properly u can end up spending most of your time practicing it.

Best place to practice is in Best buses… (wah wah)


P.S1.: I know that there is no relevance between the Topic & the Post. All i can say is “Bhavnavon ko samjho….”
P.S2. : I would like to thank all the lys & Lee’s
P.S3.: Is very costly (again a ly…)

MTV Roadies…

February 16, 2007 28 comments

Hi guys,

I know this post has come out very late, but its “Better late than Never”.
So here it goes:

A post on MTV Roadies.

Its been four years since this show started & i feel this year (read 4th year) was the best. By best i mean it had right amount mirch-masala to get me hooked on to it rite till the end; last but by no means least were the participants or Roadies (as they are called). Even tasks which were performed by the Roadies were interesting.

There are 13 roadies in the start, but only one can win the Crown. To be a roadie you dont have to be beautiful/handsome, here you are supposed to be mean, manipulative & alweyz be ready to use all the dirty tricks in the book to pin down your opponents.

Of all the roadies, there was one roadie who stood out from the rest & that was Gurbani Judge(a.k.a. BANI) (for those who don’t know her can close their browser window… #@$@#$@#). She might have not won the Roadie Title, but she has surely won a million hearts. All the roadies tried their best to kick her out, but fate (or producers) wanted something else. She would somehow escape every vote-out by a whisker & finally emerged as the runner-up & rest of the participants could only abuse & bitch abt her. Best thing abt Bani was her “I dont care” attitude. She never gave a fuck abt wht others thought abt her… (jst like me…) 😀

Moving ahead; the second roadie i liked most is Rupali/Roopali….. Man she is soooo cute, i just love her chubby cheeks & the way she irritated my first love BANI. She was also a tough contender for the Crown, until she was knocked out of the show by BANI. I felt so bad when she was out, tht i ate 2 times of my regular dinner… 😦

Next on the Like list are Sonam, Sahil, Anthony & Raj… These ppl where also good & were great competitors.

Now the Hate List , guess wht POONAM rules the roost, i hate her from bottom of my everything. I dont wanna vent out my feelings abt her on this Family Blog, but by now u ppl must hav a clue of wht i feel abt her.

All in all it was an entertaining show to watch, without ur parents ofcourse…
I hope I did mention tht Anthony won the Crown and he’s MTV‘s Roadie 4 winner.

For Die-Hard BANI fans, this is Bani’s profile on Orkut.
Roopali’s profile on Orkut