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Highly Recommended — by Kurt…

May 28, 2007 2 comments

This post contains a list of songs recommended by moi…

Click here for details…



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I-Rock XXI review…

August 29, 2006 10 comments

Hi All,

Lets analyse this years performance

25th August
Brute Force – Missed it,
Split – Missed it,
Evergreen – Missed it,
Faith – Missed it,
IIIrd Sovereign – Missed it,
Nemesis – Missed it,
Pentagram – Sucked (actually they played ok, but i have a small grudge against them, after wht they did last year)

I missed the major part thanks to a friend of mine, who was stuck up in some work, so we started late, then later we were stuck in (you know wht…) MUMBAI TRAFFIC….
And i heard that all the bands that i missed played some Rocking Music…
The only good part about the whole night was, i got to see some good chicks…, did some Bowling @ FUN REPUBLIC….& spent some good time with friends…

26th August
Demonic Resurrection – Missed it,
Sceptre – Missed it,
Them Clones – Rocked (I really admire the way they play),
‘Dinosaurs Of Rock’ – Good (They played only Cover Versions, so the whole crowd was signing along with them. Am sure most of the hardcore rockers would have not liked them. In the start i hesitated a bit, but later went along with the flow & started signing, coz i was there to njoi.)

I personally feel that I-Rock is loosing its charm, just coz there are so many rock-shows in the city these days. Earlier i used to eagerly wait for the month of August, coz thats the time when I-Rock used to rock Mumbai. But now-a-days i dont feel the same excitement, maybe i have grown old for rock or maybe i got many other options…


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I-Rock XXI

August 25, 2006 5 comments

Wht is I-Rock XXI???
Independence Rock better know as I-Rock is scheduled to happen in Mumbai on the 25th & 26th of August.

The Line UP for the two days looks like this…

25th August
Brute Force,
IIIrd Sovereign,

26th August
Demonic Resurrection,
Them Clones,
‘Dinosaurs Of Rock’


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