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Got my Voice back…

January 25, 2010 3 comments

Well, this is almost true. Even though I cannot sing, but I sure can croak…

All this was made possible on 01/22 when Google released a Chrome Extension for Google Voice…

After I installed this extension on my browser, I can make calls from my browser(works on MAC & PC). This is so cooooooooooooooool.

In your face AT&T for blocking me from using GVoice (as its commonly called) over your crappy 3G network.

From now, I sure can get more out of my Google Voice account, which up till now just served as my VoiceMail box.



Go Google!!! Go Colts!!! 😉

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January 11, 2010 2 comments

These words were/are a part of me from the day I started thinking. I also, do a good job at confusing people who come to me for some guidance (yea, can you ppl believe it?? Ppl come to me for guidance… 🙂 ).

I vaguely remember the first time I was out with my parents to buy a new clothes for my b’day & I couldn’t decide what to pick, thankfully my parents made that decision for me. There were several b’days after that & the confusion carried over.

Then came college life, where I was confused about courses I should take, I didn’t have many options but was still confused.

In college I was confused over “Which Sport?” should I play in my college, because I was good at most games (that’s true).

Then came Degree College, where I was confused over which Majors to choose from.

Then came job, where I was not given any options. So, no confusion there.

There were many other confusions in my life & I did make some choices, most of them were impulsive ones, while others were compulsive.

Now, I have this one decision to make, this is going to be Big One & you bet am confused as hell.

Watch this space for more updates…



P.S.: Am not getting married.

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October 8, 2009 1 comment

This has been a long break for me, almost 8 months. I never thought that I would be back, but Guess What? Am Back. Not planning on a serious comeback, whenever I find an interesting topic to blog about, I’ll just post a link to that site 🙂

Also, there is one more thing special about this post. Am posting it through my email. Cool… isn’t it? WordPress, always has something up its sleeve.

I clearly remember when I started blogging, I used to own a blog at & I was a power-user there. I would always mess around with my site template, keep adding stuff to it, etc,… One fine day, my office firewall started blocking blogger, I was screwed & that was the end of life for me. I had never imagined a life with blogging (lol) & I was so used to Blogger, that even the slightest thought of switching to another site made me uncomfortable.

One of my friend(HP) advised me to check out WordPress. It was love at first sight for me. Something was so right about this blogging site, that I decided to ditch blogger & move over to WordPress for good. WordPress also let me move all my old Blogger posts to their account, that was like cherry on top of the cake. I have never looked back since. Even though I can no longer screw my site’s templates & customize it to my will(I won’t stop cribbing about it). I can choose a theme for my site from the 100 options available, I can add widgets (huge collection of widgets) to my site. The new DashBoard for WordPress has stunning UI (User Interface… duh!), everything is so organized that you will never get lost. I love this one thing on my Dashboard, whenenver I look at it, it makes me smile. It’s the Welcome Message that WordPress has, it goes “Howdy, Kurt”, it’s a small thing but I guess it’s their way of saying, “Relax, no pressure, enjoy your stay here & we won’t kick you out if you don’t submit a post in the next 10 mins”… 🙂

All in all a great Blogging site, with many useful features including Blog Stats, Polls, Storage Options, etc…
There would be many other blogs with same or enhanced features, but I am here to stay.
Hail WordPress !!!

That’s about it, hope to see this get published, using their new email feature, to know more about that, click here


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Kkkkkya karega CrorePati???

February 8, 2007 28 comments

Hi ppl,

Its been long time since i posted something on my blog, this post is just to keep my WordPress account active… 😀

As you all know few weeks back Star started airing Kaun Banega CrorePati? once again. This time around it is being compered by none other than King Khan himself & mind you all he is doing a good job. Unlike Big B, Mr. Khan has a different approach towards his participants. SRK with his hyperactive persona is delivering a kick-ass performance day after day.(i hate myself for saying this…)

Now my post here is not abt SRK or his performance on stage. Its abt this question he keeps asking to all his participants when they are about to join him on the HOT Seat. He asks them, “Wht will they do with 2 crore rupees??” and the answers given by participants are really intresting.

My question is the same,”What will you do if you win 2 crore rupees??

Imagine you are sitting on the HOT Seat & have just answered the 15th Question for 2 crore rupees.

SRK:- Mr/Miss.* apka jawab 2 crore rupiyon ke liye hai option D.
Mr/Miss.*:- yes
SRK:- Are u sure? u can leave this game, if u want.
Mr/Miss.*:- No, just freeze it.
SRK:- Ok, Computerji Option D ko freeze kiya jaye
Mr/Miss.*:- (bitting his nails….)
SRK:- (sigh….)
Mr/Miss.*:- (even more nevrous…)
SRK:- y did u not select option A?
Mr/Miss.*:- i think option D is right
SRK:- But…. option D is….
Mr/Miss.*:- is….
SRK:- Mr.* am soooo sorry but option D is…..
Mr/Miss.*:- (blank look on his face)
SRK:- is….. the right answer…… CONGRATULATIONS…. you have won 2 crore rupees
Mr/Miss.*:- Thank you SRK, i would also like to thank audience for their support
SRK:- com’on Mr/Miss.* give me a hug….

Hope to see some crappy & wacky comments…


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Flash News…

October 11, 2006 15 comments

Hi all,

This is a very HOT news…
I thought i should also cover this news; as all the news channels are covering only this HOT news 24/7, they no longer care abt Dengu which spreading like a Wildfire in the Capital or abt alarming cases Chikungunya in the country…

All they want is to be the first person to cover “Bradgelina”(Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) . Bradgelina are reported to be Pune to shoot for a new movie in which Angelina Jolie is doing a lead role.

The media has been hovering around the place like bees around the beehive. They are all over the place. They have cameramen standing in front of every possible window. Yeah, even the bathroom window is under surveillance, i wonder wht do Bradgelina do differently in their bathroom, mebbe they S**T from their mouth…. yuuuucccckkkkkk

Also Suddenly there has been a sudden rise in the number of auto-rickshaws in Pune. These rickshaws are not the ordinary ones tht we daily use; these are Elite ones.
They have all the amenities one could never think of…
The ppl who drive these auto-rickshaws are very noticeable, they don only branded clothes along with the most expensive watches & perfumes and speak fluent English, with an American-Tamil/Pujabi/Bhaiya/Malalayam/etc… accent

The following in an exclusive report from PUNE:-

According to reports, IT industries have complained that suddenly most their employees have not reported to their offices from last Sunday. The senior management is very concerned with this sudden disappearance of their employees. They had asked the local polic to look into the matter.

The local police reported saying,”That most of the I.T. employees fantasize abt Angelina being their wife/G.F & are BIG fans of Angelina Joile & since she is in town they are eager to catch a glimpse of her. So, most of these Software Professionals have leased auto-rickshaws from the local auto-drivers & modified it remarkably & are driving it around the Hotel Bradgelina are staying. With a hope that they might get a chance to meet their favourite star, when the next time she decides to go sight seeing in an Auto-Rickshaw…

😀 😀

Hope Drives the World…

Thanks for your precious time viewers, i gotta go, my train to Pune will be leaving in an hours time 😀 .
See u there guys….


visiting APPLE everyday, keeps kurt @ bay…

September 15, 2006 9 comments

Hi all,

I hope most of you are aware tht Apple has launched a modified version of iPod Shuffle recently (click here to have a dekko @ the new iPod Shuffle). The new Shuffle is supposed to hit the market this October.
This is a small tribute to Apple. I found it while going thru youtube.


Also, Steve Jobs introduced Apple iTV last week @ Arts Theater in San Francisco. iTV will be competing with Window Media Center.
If you wanna have a look @ d video, the link is here.... Check it Out


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A tribute to Steve Irwin… – The Crocodile Man

September 8, 2006 7 comments

Hi all,

A small tribute to Steve Irwin from my side…

Steve Irwin

Croc's - Steve Irwin

Crocodile Tears- Steve Irwin

Croc Crying - Steve Irwin

Stingray - Steve Irwin