What Happened???

June 16, 2008 2 comments

Me: What happened?
My Friend: Wht???

My Friend(Again): WHATTTT???

This would be a normal discussion once you come out of a Multiplex, after watching a worthless movie called “The Happening”. Of all the useless movies i have seen, this one Tops the Charts… Its a total waste of time, money, talent &  …..  Am jolted by the movie(if we can call it a Movie). So, plz dont expect any details abt the storyline in here, i want to get it out of my system as soon as possible. Today i know what it feels like when people Dope, i was stoned in my cushion seat for abt 5 mins after the movie ended.

Thankfully, we missed 10 minutes of the start, coz one of my friend was late by 10 minutes. We were really angry abt it earlier & we gave him a good beating for coming late, but after the movie we were glad tht he came late & we again gave him a good beating for coming late by just 10 mins 😀

After seeing movies like The Village, Lady in the Water & now The Happening I can now safely say that I was a Big Fan of the Director “Knight Shyamalan“. These poor films have totally eclipsed all the good work done by Shyamalan. I hope he gets his act right soon enough.

Also, he should never direct any movies without Bruce Wills and/or Joaquin Phoenix, they are his lucky mascots…

One last thing, i would like to ask Mr. Knight Shyamalan, “What Happened???”


PS: “The Happening” is not at all happenin…

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Rafa does it again…

June 9, 2008 3 comments

Saw the game with couple of my friends, had a great time watching the match. It was a splendid performance by the Spaniard, he never let Federer come back into the game. He commanded the entire game. Really feel sorry for Roger Federer, he is still chasing his elusive French Open Championship.
Hope he gets his hands on the French Cup next year, i hope Rafael Nadal wouldn’t mind…

Rafa gets his teeth stuck into the trophy

(Rafael Nadal made it four French Open titles in a row and
emulated Bjorn Borg’s record of 28 consecutive wins at Roland Garros
with a commanding 6-1 6-3 6-0 victory over Roger Federer in the final.

For more details… Click here


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Its Raining…

June 4, 2008 2 comments

By tomorrow all the newspapers & blogs will be full of this news. But i thought i’ll write a few lines on it before i go to sleep. Dont worry its more of a Weather Report Post & am not gonna bore you with poems… (like i could write one :D)

Finally, its raining in Mumbai, this will surely bring some relief from the scorching sun. Although its not offically rainiy season in Mumbai, but who cares we love the rains(only when am playing soccer & not when am leaving for office). Its more of Pre-Monsoon showers. Though it only rained for few minutes, but it was pretty heavy one. Looking forward to more of such Pre-Monsoon Showers before the Raininy season hits mumbai.

Ppl, take your umbrella’s out.
Gals, you can come Under my Umbrella…

The best comment i heard when we were sitting in the cafeteria & watching it rain was,
“Chal, ghar jaate hain. Nahi toh trains baand ho jayega…” (Lets leave office & go home,you never know when trains will stop running)


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June 1, 2008 7 comments

This term “Sledging” might have come up recently, but am sure this is being practiced by us day-in & day-out. We do it unknowingly(most of us do it knowingly) @ office, @ home, etc. Its in human nature (tht’s wht i feel). This was even practiced by our ancestors. There is nothing wrong in Sledging, but as you know too much of everything can be harmful.

So, what does this term mean (i know everyone knows wht it means, this is just to increase the size of this post)?

Sledging – is the practice in sporting events(recent example: Cricket) of insulting opponents to break their concentration and cause them to make mistakes. The aim is to intimidate or distract the player into making a fatal mistake. Sledging thus tries to “break the flow” of the player’s game.

Now that everyone officially knows what this term means, let me give you an insight on why did i decide to write about it, coz there might be 100’s of post already written about it.

Am writing this post, because, i myself participated in Sledging yesterday (31/05/08). I must admit i had a pretty good time. I was not even playing, i was part of the crowd (We were watching IPL T20 Cricket semi-finals between CK – Chennai Kings v/s PL – Punjab Lions). The crowd were supporting the CK & they really took it out on the PL players, not that they weren’t good, but the crowd didn’t like them. They booed PL players, passed comments when they were fielding deep (close to the crowd). The comments were too good, few of them were from my group. We had a ball, although the match was not tht entertaining but we (the crowd) sure had fun. We were within our limits while we were sledging, we appreciated & applauded if any PL player saved a run or two.

It was a fun game. Feel sorry for ppl, who watched it from home.

Looking forward to my next game, have to come up with some smart comments to beat my friends, at the moment they are leading the Sledging Table.

Over & Out.


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May 12, 2008 8 comments

Hi all,

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, from today onwards, i’ll be posting most of my beauties on this blog. Please feel free to comment on them.
Btw, plz forgive me if most of my clicks are Macros, am a big fan of this genre of photography…

To start with, here’s one of my favorite click:


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Policy #57

May 10, 2008 5 comments

This post is not about some LIC policies that will help you with your tax savings.
This is about a policy which is pestering me from the last 2 weeks??

When i moved from my Previous Org to my Current Org a few months back, I was really very happy to be in a better place (yeah rite…). After joining my Current Org, i came to know more about its Culture & Policies during my Induction Program; i was blown away by all these stuff because my Previous Org hardly had any of them 🙂 (i know its a cheap shot).

Of all the policies i was impressed by this one policy where my Current Org had given “Complete Authority to Employees while they uses Internet” & i distinctly remember saying it to myself “That’s Good, they care about their Employees” but I never thought not even in my wildest nightmares that they were secretly planning to unleash this Evil Policy to make all our(read Employees) lives miserable.

Yes my friends am talking abt Policy #57. Thanks to this Policy Employees are totally jacked; am really thankful to them that they have not disabled google.com.
This is what the Policy says when i try to open some websites (like gmail.com, blipfoto.com, blogger.com)

Access Denied: ********* Policy 57

The website you have attempted to access is prohibited. Internal webfilters indicate that the website contains content considered inappropriate according to ********* Policy 57: Information Security and Acceptable Use of Systems.

I hope that they get rid of this f***in policy soon.


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Happy B’day Mukesh…

April 7, 2008 1 comment

B\'day Cake

Celebrating Friends B’day @ one of our favourite Coffee Shop… MOCHA
Although everytime we decide tht we wont celebrate any more b’days there, but we end up cutting the cake @ Mocha.(Basically its very close-by & we are lazy ppl)

We really love it there, have a lot of good memories attached to that place… 🙂

I hope this is the last b’day cake from MOCHA.


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