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May 12, 2008 8 comments

Hi all,

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, from today onwards, i’ll be posting most of my beauties on this blog. Please feel free to comment on them.
Btw, plz forgive me if most of my clicks are Macros, am a big fan of this genre of photography…

To start with, here’s one of my favorite click:


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Policy #57

May 10, 2008 5 comments

This post is not about some LIC policies that will help you with your tax savings.
This is about a policy which is pestering me from the last 2 weeks??

When i moved from my Previous Org to my Current Org a few months back, I was really very happy to be in a better place (yeah rite…). After joining my Current Org, i came to know more about its Culture & Policies during my Induction Program; i was blown away by all these stuff because my Previous Org hardly had any of them 🙂 (i know its a cheap shot).

Of all the policies i was impressed by this one policy where my Current Org had given “Complete Authority to Employees while they uses Internet” & i distinctly remember saying it to myself “That’s Good, they care about their Employees” but I never thought not even in my wildest nightmares that they were secretly planning to unleash this Evil Policy to make all our(read Employees) lives miserable.

Yes my friends am talking abt Policy #57. Thanks to this Policy Employees are totally jacked; am really thankful to them that they have not disabled
This is what the Policy says when i try to open some websites (like,,

Access Denied: ********* Policy 57

The website you have attempted to access is prohibited. Internal webfilters indicate that the website contains content considered inappropriate according to ********* Policy 57: Information Security and Acceptable Use of Systems.

I hope that they get rid of this f***in policy soon.


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